email sequences can help you grow your business to 6 figures

How Email Sequences Can Help Your Business Convert 6 figures

“A Business that isn’t growing, is slowly dying”

So you may or may not have heard of Email Sequences. If you don’t know what they are, let me be the first to tell you that you are behind the curve.

Large organizations everywhere are using targeted email sequences to maximize their revenue, increase brand awareness, spark engagement, and grow their business overall.

When was the last time you subscribed to an email list, and automatically received a thank you email? How about that time you purchased something online, and every week since then you have received a new email offering you something else? These are all examples of Email Sequences!

You may not pay much attention to them, but many people do. Marketers have discovered the power of email, and they aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

Are you ready to use these same tactics to grow your business to a 6 figure status or more? How about automating your email marketing so that you have more time to focus on other more important things?

Keep reading, and by the end of this blog, you will be able to use Email Sequences to rocket your revenue into the stratosphere.

one email versus an email sequence doesn't stand a change

Why email sequences versus single emails?

The answer to this question is simple. What happens when you send an email and nothing happens? Is the game over? Do you just give up? How do you know that customer truly doesn’t need what you have to offer?

If you believe in your business, then most people need what you have to offer right? Email sequences are designed to continually tease out the needs and desires of a prospect until they eventually become a buyer

email sequences help you work on your business, not in your business

Ask not what you can do for Email Sequences, but what Email Sequences can do for you!

Put your sales on autopilot

How would you like to sit back and watch the money come in. If you aren’t exploring your options with Email Sequences, how else can you put your sales department on autopilot.

One of the greatest features of utilizing Email Sequences is the ability to have your emails sent out automatically at a certain point, or after a customer makes a certain action. Email Sequences and Autoresponders are some of the sharpest tools in a digital marketers shed.

You owe it to yourself to put as many of your tasks on autopilot as you possibly can. Why not sit back and let an algorithm do the driving. I personally have witnessed many fortune 5000 companies that earn millions of dollars every year, have sales department the size of 4 people.

Efficiency is key. Email Sequences will let you capitalize on the power of modern marketing to let your business work for you.

Email Sequences can turn Leads into Customers

You may have already acquired some leads from your website. Maybe a few subscribers are already part of your email list. If you find yourself stuck in the trap of sending out an informational newsletter every month, you are wasting valuable time and money.

Your Email Sequences should be designed to convert leads into paying customers. This is only possible through the use of highly provoking copy written by Expert Writers. If you have been struggling to find the right words that convey the right message, then it’s time to hand over the reins.

Capturing your message, and properly articulating that message in a short email takes practice and experience. Do yourself a favor, hire someone like ContentDynasty to get the job don’t properly. It will make a world of difference.

Email Sequences have the power to nurture your leads. This will turn cold leads warm, and eventually into hot leads ready to eat. If you are completely unfamiliar with Email Marketing, then you may not understand this. However if you are slightly aware of how Email Marketing works, then that will make total sense to you.

As you send sequence after sequence to your prospects, they will begin to develop a higher sense of trust with your company. Your first email may be completely brushed off and disregarded. However, by the third or fourth email sequence, your prospects will be interested, and eager to discover what you have to offer.

It may take a few emails with catchy titles to get your prospects attention, but once you have their attention, the game begins!

sales funnels combined with email sequences can really spice things up
Top Funnel of Sales Funnel

Email Sequences most famously serve as a top funnel in the well known three stage sales cycle. This 3 stage sales funnel consist of the Top Funnel, Middle Funnel, and the Bottom Funnel.

The Top Funnel is designed to create engagement, and share information that your prospects find interesting. If you are reading this blog, it is because you are interested in learning how Email Sequences can help grow your business.

The same is true for your emails. If someone opens them, it is because they are genuinely interested in what your subject line portrayed. Unless you are just using shameless clickbait, then your email will contain something of value for that prospect.

Using that value to funnel a prospect onto your Middle Funnel is a systematic way to put your sales process on autopilot. Sales funnels have been around for a long time. Many companies have capitalized on making sales funnels sound overly complex and complicated

Sales funnels combined with email sequences don't have to be complicated

But are Sales funnels truly complicated to create?

The truth is that the hardest part in creating sales funnels is creating the copy they contain. Creating sales funnels are actually not hard at all. In fact, combining a sales funnel with your email sequence is the best way to achieve 6 figure conversions

The Top Funnel can be an email sequence, a blog, an email, a YouTube video, social media advertising, or anything else designed to share your message across the internet.

The Middle Funnel is simple a landing page that a prospect lands on after clicking through from your Top Funnel. Simply adding a learn more button on your top funnel won’t cut it. You need more creative Calls to Action to inspire a prospect to click through.

The Bottom Funnel is a buy now page, or checkout page where the customer can make a purchase and become a paying customer.

You may be able to set this up yourself. All you need is a website, blog, social media and an email marketing account.

The real difficulty is coming up with the highly specific, educational, objection thwarting copy that you write on your funnels. This is the job of a professional. You don’t need a fancy web design team to build you expensive pages.

Your money is better spent in hiring Expert Writers to create the copy for your Sales Funnels, Email Sequences, and to create Quality Backlinks that increase your Search Engine Rankings.

Use Email Sequences to promote Up-Sells

Up-Selling buyers is a crucial feature that Email Sequences have. After your customer has made a purchase, your email marketing provider can automatically send out an email designed to up-sell your customer.

This is a great tactic. The amount of customers that you get to purchase additional goods or services will depend greatly on the quality of copy included in your email. If the copy is conversion oriented, and well written, then your conversions will increase.

If the content is basic, and doesn’t include a clear call to action, then you won’t convert very well. That is basic logic

Your email sequences should be conversion focused

Now that we know why email sequences are better than single emails, how can we use them to convert six figures

So you may be sold on Email Sequences, and Sales Funnels as a necessary part of your marketing efforts. If you aren’t sold, then keep reading.

The last thing you want to do is walk over dollars to pick up pennies. Email Sequences combined with Sales Funnels have been proven to help all types of businesses grow rapidly within a short amount of time. If this is too complicated for you to grasp, then hire someone else to do it for you.

If you can’t afford a few hundred bucks to hire a creative agency to do it for you, keep reading and learn how to do it yourself!

Marketing Automation via Autoresponders

Marketing Automation is a branch of marketing that deals with automating your marketing efforts to achieve a higher level of efficiency. Certain marketing tasks are virtually impossible to do manually in an effective manner. This is where the power of marketing automation comes in handy.

Let us take for example, the timely sending of emails to customers that have subscribed to your email list. Or Sending different emails to a certain customer segment. This is a task for an autoresponder

Have your heard about the FREE Open Source Marketing Automation Platform Mautic. This is a game changing marketing platform that can perform many automated marketing tasks without your intervention. Tasks like:

  • Sending autoresponders
  • Delivering customized Website Content to different segmented customers
  • Sending customized emails to customers that have made specific actions on your website.
  • Building Custom Funnels
  • And much much more.

Spend some time learning how this program works. It could be just what your business needs. Here is a Beginner’s Guide to Marketing Automation Software.

Crushing Objections by offering new value propositions

Emails sent in a sequence have the power to absolutely obliterate your customers objections. Like the death star destroys planets, your Email Sequences can destroy entire perceptions of why someone thinks they shouldn’t buy.

If your first email didn’t strike their core, maybe the second one will. By the third email in your sequence, your customer is starting to ponder maybe they should be batting for your team. Well written email sequences should have a prospect eating out of the palm of your hand by the fourth sequence.

Often times, sales are made by constant rebuttals that tick off every one of the prospects pain points. They say, the real sales game doesn’t start until your customer gives you an objection. I like to start off my first email with meeting the most obvious objections head on.

You should know what your customers objections are in your business. It could be your high prices, a lack of trust, short on time, or any other meaningless objection.

Your job is to meet these objections head on and deliver copy that smashes these objections into so many pieces the prospect has no choice but to buy.

Using Emails to A/B Test the most responsive sales language

Email sequences give you an opportunity to test out the most responsive sales language. By analyzing the open rate, click through rate, and response rate, you can learn a lot. This information is intended to show you how well your customers are receiving your message.

If you send emails in a sequence you will begin to notice that certain emails perform better than others. You can bet your bottom dollar that your best performing email contains language that is most relatable to your prospects.

After identifying this language, continue to use that same language or keywords in other text like website content, Video Sales Letters, Blogs, etc.

spend less time writing and get more replies with email sequences

Now You Recognize the Importance of Email Sequences, but how do you write them?

Start by discovering your goal. Check the types of email sequences below:
  • Engagement sequence
  • Nurture sequence
  • Conversion sequence
  • Onboarding sequence
  • Abandoned cart recovery sequence
  • Renewal sequence
  • Event sequence
  • Follow up sequence
Email sequences work best in fours

After discovering your goal, begin laying out the number of sequences, and the topics of each sequence

So now you know what you want your email sequences to do. With this information, you can begin to develop the copy according to that goal. No matter what your goal is, always keep the following tips in mind to make sure that your email sequence converts 6 figures for your business:

Always Put yourself in the shoes of your customer

This will help you think outside the box. Instead of thinking what you want, think what does your prospect want. The easiest way to do this is to think of some business that you are a customer of. Then, think to yourself, “What makes me a recurring customer of that business?”

Is it the customer service? How about the awesome products? Is it the amazing value they provide? Once you acknowledge what it is, you are ready to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Think of what they want out of a business like yours. What would make your customers say, “Here, take my money”.

What do you have to offer to your customer that know one else does?

Every successful business has some unique selling proposition that sets them apart from the competition. The technical acronym for this word is USP. You may have heard that tossed around before. What is your USP?

Discovering your Unique Value Proposition will help you to create direct and straight to the point Emails that WOW your prospects.

Work on building your list everyday

Everyday you should be pondering ways to increase your Email list of prospects. This is worth its weight in gold. In the beginning, it may seem daunting, and you probably will start by spamming people with cold emails.

However, always try to provide value in your email sequences and you will receive responses. Business is a two way street. You have to give something of value in order to receive your clients money.

Therefore, always keep this in mind and you will be well on your way to growing your list!

Check your emails analytics and adjust accordingly

I cannot stress enough the power of analytics and tracking. This is something that will give you the insights you need to pivot. Pivoting in a certain direction will make sure that your business stays alive and relevant.

If you see that your emails are not converting, don’t keep trying the same things over and over again. Mix it up and create fresh content. This is where the expertise of a professional agency can assist you.

As a business owner you may be too busy to be continually developing the best copy for your emails. If this sounds like you, leave it to the professionals to help you out on this one.

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