Follow this checklist to make sure your content marketing strategy is top notch.


Articles will be the lifesource of your content marketing strategy. Creating Articles that deliver actual value is what will propel your business up the food chain. Mindless copycat articles won’t do you any good. To really nail this, you must put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Ask yourself, “If I were my customer, what would I want to learn? What information do I need to enhance my life?”

Articles(Email Marketing)(Social Media)

In Mathematical Terms:

Articles(Email Marketing & Social Media) = Articles x Email Marketing x Social Media

As you begin to develop Articles & Blogs, you will attract subscribers overtime. When you release new articles, send out emails that summarize the major points and lead people back to your full article. For more information on how to create email sequences that convert six figures, check out another article written by us HERE

If you don’t have any subscribers, don’t worry. Make short optimized facebook posts by summarizing your article into 1 or 2 sentences. Also make those posts that links back to your full article.


Backlinks are very critical in giving your domain great link authority. By getting your articles and blog content on a high domain authority blog, you will piggyback off of their link juice.

Simply submit your articles to well known blogs. If they like your content, they will publish it. Keep in mind, you don’t want to be salesy. Make sure your articles only link back to your website once.

sales funnels combined with email sequences can really spice things up

Sales Funnels

Sales funnels work in conjunction with your articles, blogs, emails, and optimized social posts. All of the above outreach methods are considered your top funnel.

The goal of your articles, blogs, emails, and optimized social posts is to deliver value that funnels a prospect to your middle funnel. The middle funnel is traditionally a landing page which addresses pain points and provides solutions to your prospect.

By peaking the interest of the prospect, they will click through to the bottom funnel. The bottom funnel is your check out page where the prospect becomes a customer. It is important to have great copy on the bottom funnel to crush objections and get the sale.

Conversion Focused Website Copy

You need conversion focused, SEO friendly website copy on every page. Imagine you can only use a limited number of words. Therefore, every single word is precious.

That is how important your website copy is. Say nothing, get straight to the point. Don’t beat around the bush, be direct.

And remember, “Always Be Closing”

With this ultimate content marketing strategy checklist, you are in the running to hit 6 figures a month.

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